Learning opportunities

Learning opportunities

Membership has its privileges! Although some of our events are open to non-members, many of our events happen behind-the-scenes in secure locations and small workshops, and numbers may be limited, therefore registered chapter and national members have preferred access.

Whether you desire to learn completely new skills, explore and understand an historic structure or fundamental part of the bookbinders’ art, or visit a temporary exhibit or private collection. See our upcoming events on the blog and sidebar for opportunities in which you may be interested.

The Potomac chapter offers occasional workshops that are necessarily short in duration. For longer form instruction, take a look at our Local Links on the left sidebar for direct links to studios offering continuous courses in the DMV area, and programmatic offerings from the independent organizations below. (For neighbors, and folks on border states, check out the GBW Delaware Valley and Southeast chapters!)

Local libraries and galleries with notable book arts collections and/or regular Book Arts exhibitions